Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog Out Loud! I’m Nikki, 25 years old, and living in Groningen. I’ve always had a thing for music. Whether it concerns listening to music, making it myself or going to concerts/festivals, music has always been a common theme. So as you can probably guess, I love talking about it! As I’ve come to discover that people around me also like to talk about other things every once in a while, I thought, why not share this passion with you guys, the internet, the World Wide Web! So… here it is! My own blog! Super excited, a bit nervous, but enjoy writing it already.

What will you find here? I’m planning to write about the music I’m currently listening to, new album releases, old albums releases that I’ve only recently discovered, genres or artists that interest me and live performances I’ve been to. Moreover, I absolutely love making lists. I think it’s nice to see how my taste constantly keeps changing. And this blog will be a lot more fun than a tracker in a private notebook, right?! Every month I will share with you my favorite albums and we’ll see how the list keeps changing!

However, this blog will not only be about music. As said, music can be seen as a common theme in my life. I often think of it as the soundtrack to my every-day adventures. We all know the feeling where a certain song brings you back to a very specific place or memory right? I often see that the places I visit, the movies I watch or the books I read affect the music I listen to. Vice versa, the music I listen to often also influences the others. In other words, let me give you the entire picture!

Anyways, have fun reading! I would love to hear what you think of it! Maybe you know a band I might like? You have an idea for a future blog post? Or, maybe you just want to say hi? Please do so!



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