Monthly Four: April

Hi loyal followers! How was your April? Mine was pretty good! Love the fresh, green leaves on the trees. This month I spend quite some time outside, walking or biking. I always prefer to do so without music and to just listen to the sounds around me. Therefore, the listening frequencies of this months albums are a bit lower and I was a bit more of a lazy listener. But… off course I still have a Monthly Four for you guys! During April my soundtrack consisted of albums by Otzeki, Sunflower Bean, The Boxer Rebellion and The Editors. Keep on reading to find out more or just have a listen to the Spotify playlist below and make up your own mind!


First, an album I was looking forward to for a while: Otzeki‘s ‘Binary Childhood’. I’ve seen this duo live twice already. The first time was on Eurosonic 2017 and I was absolutely surprised. The live performance of these British cousins is refreshing! You can feel they enjoy doing what they do, no matter how big the crowd is. They were able to turn Huis de Beurs into an underground club in an instant! I saw them again at Lowlands the same year. As it was the same setlist, I was obviously less surprised this second time. Love how the album turned out though! For me their sound is just the right amount of electronics. Their riffs and beats are hypnotizing, moody and catchy!

Another one I listened to a lot this month is ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ from Sunflower Bean. Surprise surprise! As already predicted last month, here these guys are again! I already told you that their influences of 70’s glamrock, classic rock and rock&roll make them stand out compared to the abundance of indie rock bands. Julia’s classically-schooled voice alternated with Nick’s indie rock voice keeps you interested. One month ago, I also told you that I wasn’t really captured yet by their second album. But now I realized it is just very different! Ok if we must compare, yes, ‘Human Ceremony’ is better, but who cares, ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ is also great!

Then the new album of The Boxer Rebellion: ‘Ghost Alive’. Already their sixth album! And to be honest, it’s all becoming a bit of the same thing. Actually, I had the same feeling when their previous album ‘Ocean by Ocean’ was released. But then, as it turned out, I listened to this one so often! The same thing seems to be happening with ‘Ghost Alive’. Perhaps their albums need to grow on you. This one is a bit sad though! In my opinion it’s lacking some up-beat songs. For now, it’s still in my Monthly Four! I absolutely love the first four songs of the album. Then I lose my focus a bit.

I’m equally undecided about the new release of the Editors: ‘Violence’. It’s also a bit of the same, the songs are not as original, and what’s up with the long electronic outro in the title track? Still, it’s the Editors! One of my favorite bands. So, clearly, I had to give this album a good listen. I’m not saying the album is bad, but I don’t think it’ll stick around for a long time. I guess some songs will be great if performed live though!

And that was my April! Not as outspoken as the previous months but that’s ok :). There are a lot of exciting releases due in May (think: Arctic Monkeys, Courtney Barnett, Beach House). So, the next one’s going to be interesting! What do you think about the albums I listed in this post? And which ones did you listen to most during the previous month?


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