Monthly Four: March

Springtime is here! Sunshine (ok not today), warmth, green! And most importantly of course: a new Monthly Four! This month I’ve listened to a lot of ‘discover’ playlists and read a lot about the acts at SXSW, a huge showcase festival in Austin (for example here). As a result, this Monthly Four consists entirely of new discoveries! It was difficult to choose so the list changed entirely again. Love these new treasures. Actually, I now realized that most of these artists already had albums before or after the ones listed here. In other words: plenty of listening material for April!


Soccer Mommy: Clean. While Sophie Allison had already produced two full-length albums, this one’s her studio debut. Genre-descriptions I’ve come across are: bedroompop, indie-rock and lo-fi. And then there’s her listed influences: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Nashville? Interesting combination right? Her songs are so mesmerizing and melodic due to her lazy, indie voice. It’s great to have this record playing in the background. But when listening to it actively her plainspoken lyrics stick with you as well.

Yeah, the previous one can be a bit sceptic or heartbreaking from time to time. In need of some spring/summer-vibes? Listen to Hinds: Leave Me Alone. Actually, the guitars can be a bit off-tune at times, and so can the vocals. And perhaps the songs are a bit too straightforward. But it makes you smile instantly! So who cares! It’s fun to listen to. You can hear that these four Madrid-based girls enjoy making their unique variation of garagepop and surf. Their second studio album is due in April and I’m curious!

These last two albums are probably my winners of March. Listened to them sooo often! First, I discovered Sunflower Bean. Love their album Human Ceremony! It’s just what I needed! Often described as ‘New York’s coolest young band’ (see here for example). And it’s true, they’re super cool. Their influences of 70’s glamrock, classic rock and rock&roll make them stand out compared to the abundance of indie rock bands. Julia’s classically-schooled voice alternated with Nick’s indie rock voice keeps you interested. Coincidentally, their second studio album also came out two weeks ago. I’m not captured as much by this one though. Not yet. But I’m pretty sure that Human Ceremony will stick around for a while!

At the same time, I was equally addicted to Feu! Chatterton: L’Oiseleur. Their second full-length album came out in the second week of March. And it’s great! Love the sound of the French lyrics and I actually get a long way in understanding them. And wow, his voice… It’s classic French chanson completely modernized and revived. On top of this, their musical sound is compared to Radiohead by some critics! It all starts to make sense now. If you’re not convinced yet, watch the video below and imagine how great it would be to see them live!

Sorry this one was a bit behind schedule. Hope I didn’t lose my loyal readers! And tell me!! What were your favorite albums/artists/songs in March? Curious about the favorites I talked about in this post? Have a listen to the Spotify playlist:


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