Hypes I’m not that hyped about

Yeah… well.. this is probably going to be the post where I’m going to make some enemies… Anyways! I guess it’s part of the bloggers-deal. And it definitely concerns something that fascinate me a lot: taste! We’ve probably all experienced it once right? When you absolutely don’t like an artist and then all of the sudden you realize: “Ok, allright, this actually sounds pretty cool”. For me this has been the case with Muse. At first I did not like them at all. These weird space sounds, Mats high voice… Nah. But, as most of you know, now they’ve become one of my favorite bands of all time! Funny how these things change right?

So, perhaps I will change my mind about the artists in this post as well. You never know. Perhaps one of you can convince me of why exactly these artists are great. But for now, here are some artists of which I’m not so sure what all the fuzz is about. And that’s OK as well, it would be super boring if we would all like the same music :). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing the quality of these artists, it’s just my personal taste. I included some videos in case you’re unfamiliar and would like to make up you’re own mind!

1. LCD Soundsystem

Yup. LCD Soundsystem. Their comeback album last year was so well received. It popped up in almost every end-of-the-year-list I’ve seen! It was even album of the year for both OOR magazine ánd 3voor12! These two being two of my favorite music platforms, I obviously gave this band another listen. Still, it didn’t capture me (yet). I guess it’s just their style that I don’t like (Wikipedia describes it as “dance-punk”?). For me, it’s too electronic, and there’s just too much going on!

2. St. Vincent

This one I just really don’t get. I like a hipster vibe, and I like some weirdness. But this is just too much to my taste. And what’s the deal with her clothing? I’m just too confused. Some songs are really good though! Especially the ones that she sings acoustically. But then why this whole entourage? Still, she’s basically in every popular playlist at the moment and at so many major festivals!

3. Superorganism

These guys are rising fast! Just opened my Apple Music recommended section and there they were again! The indie-pop collective is playing at so many  festivals around the world at the moment. And recommended by every critic. But for me, it’s again too much. Too many people. Too many colors. Too poppy. Too hipster. I just don’t really know what’s going on here…

4. Tame Impala

Tricky one, I know. On paper, this band is supposed to be right up my alley. Psychedelic indie. But somehow these guys have not managed to capture me yet. Some songs are pretty cool though! But then halfway I tend to get a bit distracted…


5. Björk

Just watch the video. Her new album came out last year and it again popped up everywhere! Wikipedia explains that Björk has “developed an eclectic musical style that draws on a wide range of influences and genres spanning electronic, pop, experimental, classical, trip hop, IDM, and avant-garde styles”. I guess the overall conclusion of this blogpost is that I’m having a hard time with music that I cannot really place inside a certain genre. Old-fashioned inside the box thinker out here…

Phew, that was it. I hope I have some friends left after this one haha. Do you agree with the artists I listed here? Disagree? Some other artists you’re not that hyped about? Or, perhaps I just helped you discover your new favorite artist! In that case: you’re welcome!


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