Monthly Four: February

I know February is short but this one flew by right?! I wanted to write another blogpost this month but realized it’s already time for a new Monthly Four! Still need to get the hang of this… The good thing is though that another post will probably follow soon! And for now: my favorite February albums. The list has changed completely compared to the previous month. This month has been a month full of train rides, bike rides and walks. These four accompanied me while I was on the go.

Versie 2

An album I’ve had on repeat this month is the debut of Mattiel. Because I’m not sure how to pronounce her name, also known as: the girl with the horse album cover. Love this discovery and love her style! Mattiel Brown used to be busy with a job as illustrator and designer (hence the awesome album cover?). Lured by music she released her debut album in 2017 with Burger Records, the label that also released records of Ty Segall and The Black Lips. Glad she did. The songs sound original, and the whole album has a certain vibe to it. Catchy, soulful and at times bluesy. Perhaps you’ll have to get used a bit to her shrill voice at first. Trust me: listen to it again and again and at some point you can’t stop anymore! Seriously thinking of seeing her live in Vera on the 24th of May. Who’s in?

And then a release I was very excited about: the new record of Franz Ferdinand, Always Ascending! Yes, my teenage heroes still got it! When bands announce they’re going to reinvent themselves or when they start experimenting with electronics, I tend to be very sceptic. Often, this ends up in a disappointment and I lose interest in the band. Luckily not this time! Even though the Scots experiment quite a bit in this album, and even though there is some electronic stuff happening, this is not a bad thing! It’s original and brave. And the typical Franz-vibe is still there! I seriously can’t get enough of the rhythms and guitar riffs in ‘Lazy Boy’. And, YES, I’m finally going to see them live THIS Sunday!! And guess who’s the support act? Pip Blom, who I already wrote about here and here! I think it’s pretty obvious already, but: I can’t wait!

My third album of this month is Wye Oak‘s ‘Civilian’. This one caught my attention because of their new single ‘The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs’. Instead of listening to this one, I decided to go back to their 2011 album ‘Civilian’. The mind works in mysterious ways… Don’t get me wrong, the new single is good! And I’m super curious about the new album that’s going to be released in April. But somehow I was captured again by how good their song ‘Civilian’ is. Just listen to it! This indiefolk duo accompanied me on a lot of train rides this month.

And last but not least, there’s the new album of Calexico: The Thread That Keeps Us. Found out about these guys via the Down The Rabbit Hole Playlist. Soon after, I also found out that this is already their tenth (!) studioalbum! Oops. Anyways, I’m glad I know them now. I have a hard time explaining their style though! Calexico is named after a US town on the border with Mexico. This combination is also clear in their music. Americana indiefolk with a Mexican twist? The album is super diverse. And full of excellent songs which take you by surprise. Great in case you have friends over: there is something in there for everyone!

And that was my February! Did you have one particular album you listened to a lot this month? Let me know! Find the updated Spotify playlist here! Or here:

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