Monthly Four: January

I’ve added a new page! My Monthly Four. As you’ve probably already found out by now, I love making lists. This one gives the music that is currently on my mind and provides a nice opportunity to reflect on the past month with four of my favorites. As I think in terms of albums (old-fashioned as I am), the list will most likely include four albums, rather than a random collection of songs. It summarizes my soundtrack of this moment which is influenced by the weather, the performances I’ve seen, the news I’ve read, the movies I’ve watched, or whatever influences my listening habits! It will be updated, surprise surprise… monthly! Let’s see how the list and my taste constantly keep changing! Much more fun than a private notebook, right?!


So. First edition. January 2018! I actually did not start the list with an album. I started with all I could find of Pip Blom. You could already’ve read about her in My Eurosonic Top-5. Basically it’s been an instant crush since the performance. Their music gives me energy and makes me feel  careless!

La Femme has also been a recent discovery. I found out about them because I was listening to the Down the Rabbit Hole 2018 Spotify list. Heard ‘Où va le monde’ and had it on repeat since. The album’s a bit crazy, but what’s wrong with a bit of weirdness? Besides, I just love the French language. Listening to it makes me want to practice again!

Third, the debut album of Hater. Actually, we’ve seen these Swedes at Eurosonic as well! While their performance popped up in several lists, I was not entirely convinced. It was a bit messy to my taste. Still listened to the album quite a bit! Love the lazy vibe and the catchy guitars.

And then, Courney Barnett. Can’t get enough. I’ve already listened to ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit’ sooo often. But somehow her double EP ‘A Sea of Split Peas’ disappeared from my library. When I stumbled upon her live performance at KEXP, I quickly added it to my library again and listened to it a lot a lot a lot!

I hope you liked this one! Let me know! Also if you didn’t because of course everything is still under construction :). Which albums/artists were your January favorites? Here’s the Spotify with the current Monthly Four playlist!


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